SSSIHL – Rhodamine-6G

SERS spectra of Rhodamine 6G

10-3 M

S-Silver hydrophilic



The graph shows the SERS spectra of 10-3 M Rhodamine 6G on the S-Silver hydrophilic substrate.

Measurements were performed by Dr. Abishek Hariharan from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning

Laser wavelength: 780 nm
Laser power: 5 mW (this power was optimized for direct comparison with SERSitive substrates. A higher power level would give better enhancement in the case of SERSitive substrates, but it would burn the paper-based substrates)
Integration time: 10s, 7 shots – total 70 seconds – Averaged over the 7 shots
Raman Spectrometer:  DXR-780, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Lens magnification: 10x
Sampling method: Drop Deposition

The substrate used: S-Silver hydrophilic (interchangeably, you can use one of our substrates)