MIT – Rhodamine 6G – Brand Comparison

SERS spectra of Rhodamine 6G

0.4 mM (~200ppm)

Premium-AgAu hydrophilic



The graph shows the SERS spectra of 0.4 mM (~200ppm) Rhodamine 6G on the Premium-AgAu substrate.

Measurements were performed by Michael J. Zervas from in his Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering thesis (free access).

“As shown in the graph, the strongest enhancement was from the Enspectr device. This could be attributed to the fact that the Enspectr device only contained silver nanoparticles as compared to gold and silver, which were present in the other devices. It is typical for silver to provide a stronger enhancement due to its dielectric properties. Yet, silver substrates have a shorter shelf life, as they tend to corrode, which makes them unusable. ”

Laser wavelength: 633 nm
Laser power: 12 mW minimum power
Integration time:  5 seconds
Raman Spectrometer: Ocean Optics
Lens magnification: >0.7 N.A
Sampling method: Immerse

The substrate used: Premium-AgAu hydrophilic (interchangeably, you can use one of our substrates)