Frequently Asked Questions

  • To reduce background noise while conducting measurements, put SERSitive substrates on non-fluorescent and not-Raman active material instead of microscope glass slide, e.g., metal plate.

  • Important: do not use polymers or other materials that might give unwanted polymer Raman bands, which might be even more troublesome than broadband fluorescence caused by microscope glass slide.

  • To improve enhancement, after immersion/droplet deposition, wait until the surface is completely dry (you can try to dry them overnight or to use a vacuum desiccator)

By Robert Zimmerleiter from RECENDT GmbH
Ag substrate is covered with pure silver nanoparticles, while AgAu substrate is covered with silver nanoparticles with an admixture of gold nanoparticles.
SERS SubstrateSensitivitySubstrate sizeActive area sizeAdvantages
ppm to ppb9 x 7 x 0,7 mm4 x 5 mmEasy to use,
higher homogeneity
ppm to ppb3,5 x 3,5 x 0,7 mm3,5 x 3,5 mmFits 96-well plates,
higher repeatability
Substrates with Ag coverage provide more sensitive results of SERS measurements (higher enhancement)

Substrates with AgAu coverage provide more homogeneous results of SERS measurements (higher homogeneity)

According to measurements conducted by RECENDT GmbH, it seems that the laser power derived damage threshold is between 180-200 mW (laser spot size = 150-170 µm)
Laser Dependency

No, we do not have pure gold substrates, only silver substrates covered with layer of gold nano-particles

Each of our products can be prepared according to your wishes with hydrophilic or hydrophobic properties

No, our substrates are ready to use

Yes, they are stored in argon conditions and additionally such eppendorf is stored in vacuum package

For reliable results we suggest to use substrates instantly after opening the package

UV-ozone or plasma cleaner should not influence surface of our substrates. But please remember not to use high temperatures because structure of silver will be destroyed, and our substrates are both silver based, therefore this rule is applied to both types of our substrates.

High temperatures will influence SERS properties negatively because the structure of silver will be destroyed, and our substrates are both silver-based, therefore this rule is applied to both types of our substrates.

Every surface of SERS substrates varies a little bit, and these variations change the SERS enhancement, therefore quantitative measurements are not very popular with this technique. However, some publications have written that you can combine SERS with Machine Learning to make SERS quantitative technique.

You can work with our SERS substrates according to your research methods, but we suggest drop or immersion method. For more details please read our manual and product sheet

We deliver substrates approximately within one week plus the delivery time which depends on the destination country/region, but in Europe it is 1-2 days, outside Europe 3-4 days.

You can get free delivery for orders bigger then 900 € (after our standard discount)

We offer discounts for returning customers

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The order fulfillment time depends on the quantity of ordered substrates + delivery time.

Approximately one week

The only payment method is the bank transfer