Customizable physical properties of active surface

Hydrophilic substrates works excellent with aqueous solutions and are dedicated for life science and medical research.

Hydrophobic substrates are perfect for alcohol-based solutions. Note that hydrophobic substrates are also suitable for aqueous solutions, but we suggest to immerse them in 70% ethanol first.

Hydrophilic Premium Substrate
Hydrophobic Premium Substrate

Different sizes, best performance

Premium-Substrates are made individually using photolithography, which allows us to obtain precisely defined shape and size of active surface deposited on ITO glass. These substrates are easy to handle thanks to the glass, which is surrounding 4 x 5 mm active surface.

S-substrates are our newest, top-notch products. We offer substrates with dimensions 3.5×3.5 mm, all covered with SERS active area. These substrates are dedicated to being used with 96-well plates, which made them perfect for life science research and multiple samples analysis.

Custom size: Additionally, thanks to a precise laser plotter, we can obtain defined dimensions of substrates. It is especially desirable to develop “Lab-on-a-Chip” type platforms and therefore, can be used in bio-sensor and microfluidics.

Small SERSitive substrates


40/45 discount for larger orders
  • Big active area (4 x 5 mm)
  • Easy to handle
  • Excellent enhancement


20/25 discount for larger orders
  • Small dimensions (3.5 x 3.5)
  • Compatible with 96-well plate
  • Best price
New product

Custom Substrate

30 from
  • Custom dimensions
  • “Lab-on-a-Chip” dedicated
  • Best price
New product

Multiple applications

SERSitive silver and silver-gold SERS substrates are suitable for a wide range of applications. SERSitive company collaborates with a scientist from many fields. SERSitive substrates were used for Raman-based bacteria identification, cancer research, drugs, explosives detection in biological samples, identification of medicines, and chemical analysis.

Our SERS substrates were used for bacteria and cancer cell identification by the bio-sers group. Different strains of Neisseria sp. at the figure above.

SEM image of Bacteria SERS

Scanning electron microscope image of bacteria (Neisseria Gonorrhoeae) on SERSitive silver substrate. 

Phot. Sylwia Berus, bio-sers group.

Cells in CFMDA on SERSitive Silver Substrates

Human primary dermal fibroblasts growth on SERSitive silver substrate stained with CFMDA cell tracker. 

Phot. Joanna Borkowska, IMDiK Institute PAS

Picric Acid detection with SERSitive silver substrate.

How is it made

Our SERS substrates are prepared using the electrodeposition of silver or silver and gold nanoparticles on an ITO glass surface. The structure of silver nanoparticles obtained using this approach gives excellent and uniform signal enhancement.

Thanks to this technology, our substrates have electroconductive properties, allowing them to perform research with analyte deposition using the electric field.


The technique of producing our SERS platforms is claimed in two patent applications: no. P.408785 (09.07.2014) and no. P.421072 (31.03.2017).

Repetable and Sensitive

SERSitive SERS substrates nanostructure provides signal uniformity over the entire active surface. This makes the obtained results reproducible and reliable. SERSitive surface effectively absorbs chemical analytes as well as biological material, i.e., bacteria and eukaryotic cells.


Our SERS substrates undergo quality control: we check the background spectrum of every substrate to ensure that customers get a high-quality product.

Best quality to price ratio on the market​

SERSitive provides high-quality SERS substrates. See us and our competitors.

Our products have already been used in biological applications and published.

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