RECENDT GmbH – Laser wavelength Comparison (785 vs 830nm)

SERS spectra of Melamine, comparison between 785 and 830 nm laser wavelength measured by Robert Zimmerleiter from RECENDT GmbH

1 ppm

S-Silver hydrophilic


The graphs show spectra of melamine in the aqueous conditions, and the characteristic peak of Melamine measured using both 785 and 830 nm lasers for the measurements on SERSitive S-Silver Substrates

Laser wavelength: 785 and 830 nm
Laser power: 50 mW
Laser spot size: 150-170 µm
Integration time: 1000 ms
Averaging: 10x
Solvent: H2O
Raman Spectrometer: Wasatch Photonics
Lens magnification: No magnification was used, just a regular Raman-Probe
Sampling method: drop: “10µl of analyte were pipetted onto the substrate, and waited until it was dry.”
The substrate used: S-Silver hydrophilic


Measured by:
Dipl.‑Ing. Robert Zimmerleiter
Research Scientist
RECENDT GmbH – Research Center for Non-Destructive Testing GmbH
Science Park 2, Altenberger Strasse 69, 4040 Linz, Austria
Tel.: +43 732-2468-4624