Insulin (S-Silver) from Institute of Physics SAS

SERS spectrum of Insulin

10-6 M, 10-12 M


The graph shows the SERS spectrum of Insulin at mM and pM concentrations on S-Silver substrates.

Laser wavelength: 785 nm
Laser power: 5 mW
Integration time: raster image scan, 5 s / 1.25 mm
Raman Spectrometer: WITec Alpha300 R+
Lens magnification: 20x
Sampling method: immersion (200 μl)
The substrate used: S-Silver


SERS spectra of Insulin on S-Silver obtained by Farnoush Salehtash, and Dr. Adriana Annušová
Institute of Physics (Department of Multilayers and Nanostructures)
Centre of Excellence for Advanced Materials Application
Slovak Academy of Sciences