We will have the pleasure of attending a virtual B2B event, „Baltic Photonics 2021 MedLife“, on the 16th of September!

This online conference focuses on medical life sciences intending to promote Baltic photonics and laser technologies, life science and medical research and innovations.


We will present our SERS-based solutions and the potential of combining them with Artificial Intelligence, which might be a brand new way for medical diagnosis of pathogens and life sciences research.


Event page: https://toolas.eu/baltic-photonics-2021-medlife/

Registration is free of charge: https://forms.gle/pm2xhpnssRK4Z6Xp7

(all registered participants will receive a link to translation platform, where they can as questions to the speakers in the chat)


Join us on September 16, 2021 🙂

Keywords: SERS-based solutions, Raman, Baltic Photonics, Toolas, medical life sciences, photonics, laser technologies, medicine, research and development, innovations, combining with Artificial Intelligence, diagnosis of pathogens, biology, pharmaceutical, biomedicine